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My wife and I want to thank you for arranging one of the best trips we have taken.

Name: Norman and Karen Sato

Nationality: American

Date: Nov 22, 2012

OP: Molly

Dear Molly,

    My wife and I want to thank you for arranging one of the best trips we have taken.  The “Silk Road” is such an interesting destination I recommend everyone to go and experience it for themselves.
There is so much history and the accommodations, guides and drivers you provided us were excellent.  We saw things we would never have seen and experienced a very different culture.  Their dress and food and how they live were educational and we have learned a lot.  We travel not just to see places and do things that tourist do, we also travel to learn about other cultures and how they live.  On this trip we accomplished all we looked forward to on a travel to another country.

    During the planning process I was hesitant to commit with you and your company because I was working with a foreign business I didn’t know anything about.  I had no remedies should there be a dispute or if you didn’t provide the accommodations or the personalized tours you said you would.  My only contact with you was one (1) phone call you made to me and everything else was done on line.  When it was time to pay you for the tour I had to think long and hard about wiring the money to your bank from my bank.  I want you to know, that as I followed this process through and got to familiarize myself with you, I began to trust you more and more from your actions.  The little things you said, the little detail you reminded me about traveling in your country and your suggestions and recommendations about what to see and do in this province in your country convinced me you were knowledgeable and honest.  WE ARE VERY HAPPY TO HAVE HAD YOU TO ARRANGE THIS PERSONALIZED TOUR FOR US.

With much gratitude,

Norman and Karen Sato
From Hawaii