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Thank you for all your help Molly. I really did enjoy the trip.

Name: Lesley Wright

Nationality: Australia

Date: Jun 17, 2014

OP: Molly

Good Morning Molly,
I had a great time thank you and will give you feedback on all the various aspects of the trip for future clients.
...The Hotel was great, in a wonderful location and the staff were as helpful as they could be with their limited English.
The day tours were also good and the English speaking guides very informative.I just loved The Great Wall which we visited in the pouring rain!!  Climbed the 900 steps...but the wonderful thing was that there were no people at the top!
The only disappointment was that I never got to even see Tianammen Square.I could have visited on the day I arrived but was told it was on the tour.  I asked both my guides if we could drive past, but they both ignored me.  It also didn't even feature on my City map which I thought was a little strange.I know it is sensitive to the Chinese, but it is part of your history.
I have to say I was a little surprised to be sharing with 3 others, both men and women!  Their was no food on the train either, so it was all quite an experience for me.
The Hotel was fantastic, they even gave me breakfast when I arrived early..it was modern and very central.Both guides Sally and Alisha was terrific.Visiting the Terracotta soldiers was one of the highlights of my trip.This part of the trip was without fault.
I was met at the Station by Maggie who was a delight. I then did a day tour of Shanghai that was also terrific. The second day I had Wang, but Maggie also came too!!  So there was just me and the two young guides! They were lovely, brilliant English and such fun they were the best guides I had all trip. I actually loved the Water Town best as I love the old way of life in China.  Just a point that I said to the Agency there.  I had to insist on going to the French concessions (the small side streets,, not just the Bund) as apparently it isn't included on their itinerary.  Although China has every right to be proud of what they have achieved in the past 10 years, they should not forget the past. European people are usually very interested in history of a country.
The biggest disappointment with Shanghai was the Hotel. There was nothing wrong with it of course, just that it was so far out of the city it made it impossible for me to go out and walk about after my tours.There was nothing nearby, just a small shopping centre. So I could do nothing in the evening. Maybe you should change this for future people.
Thank you for all your help Molly. I really did enjoy the trip. I am now back to winter in Australia which is rather cold after the lovely weather I had in China.
Lesley Wright