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Tour Feedback from Nancy Lo

Name: Nancy Lo

Nationality: USA

Date: May 17, 2016

OP: Rita

My husband and I joined the eight day tour from Lhasa to the base camp of Mt Everest from May 2-May 9, 2016 with 11 people in our tour group.  Nine of us went all the way to the basecamp of Mt Everest. The altitude did bother me. I bought an oxygen tank to deal with high altitude. WE did take DIAMOX before we arrived in Lhasa. I also bought 紅景天 at the hotel as recommended by the doctor at the hotel. While we stayed in Lhasa, we had chance to eat local food, like yak meat and  observe local people’s daily living. Most of the local people are healthy, in particular the males, nice and fit. Kids are all cute with red cheeks.  We enjoyed the scenary along the road to Mt Everest, like Yak, sheep, lake, river, mountains.  The road to the tent which was the old base camp before we went up to the current base camp was new with 20 some zig-zap. At the tent area, for one night stay there,  we had to use local bathroom without facilities to wash face and  brush teeth.  We visited many temples in Lhasa and along the wary to the base camp. Maybe the tour can reduce no of temples and add some more scenery places.

Rita gave us good service to plan the tour. The only worry for me was to get the Tibet permit on April 30.  I got a little nervous as we were supposed to leave Shanghai on May 2. The permit did arrive at the hotel as promised.