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Tour Report from Soglines Viaggi

Name: Carlo

Nationality: Italy

Date: May 18, 2016

OP: Rita

Greetings from Soglines Viaggi

Dear Rita

Clients called for comments and suggestion.
The tour was ok, only few problems with guides and meals:
1)BEIJING and CHENGDE:  guide was very good and also meals were ok. Oly Roast Duck Dinner was not in a very good restaurant
2)DATONG:  all ok
3)PINGYAO: guide was absolutely not good, he offer them a very bad and dirty restaurant, so pax ask back money and Choose a new restaurant
4)XIAN,LUOYANG,CHENGDU: guides was sufficients, but other problems with meals, they try to change from dinner to lunch
                         Also if the program was clear.  Also money for meals were too few.            
I suggest to increase the money for meal, the problem is not 4-5 usd more, but that clients were happy.
Thanks and Best Regards