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You did a fantastic job - We had a very enjoyable time in China.

Name: Mr.Tony Santiago

Nationality: America

Date: Nov 04, 2009

OP: Molly

Dear Molly,

You did a fantastic job  - We had a very enjoyable time in China.

The Traditional hotel made me feel like a king ( actually I saw the same type of furniture in the Museum in Shanghai ). I enjoyed its location  -  in my free time morning and evening I walked thru' the markets and stores. Felt very safe and comfortable.

The guide Tina - very professional and took good care of us.

Driver  - gentleman and drove very safely

Good choise of the Great Wall  -  very few tourists and I got to see the sunset from the Wall ( got beautiful photos)

Overnite train was very comfortable and clean, but was just a little noisy and the two hour wait in the Beijing train station with hundreds of locals was not plesant.

The guide, Cherry and the driver were very good.

Cherry had a good choise of place for my lunches and dinner.

The hotel was another surprise from you - thank you - I had a round bed  and newely decorated room and bathroom.

Again the location was good for my free time as I like local areas

Flight to Shanghai  was good except that it was full and I could'nt sit next to my wife.

The guide, Nancy, was very good and also very thourough with her explanitation.

The room again was a very good choise by you  - new, modern and on the 15 th floor ( this was high enough from the construction noise that was also thru' the night )

The car was the best  -  it was a new Rover and the driver was very proud of his car.

All in all , we had a great experience in China and looking forward to coming back again and see something different.

I will also try to phone you and thank you.