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Amazing Li River Cruises

Li River Cruise

The Li River ( li river in Chinese) also named the Gui River. Cat Mountain, the highest peak in this autonomous region, is regarded as the source of the Li River. In Wuzhou city, the Li River joins the West River, the upper branch of the Pearl River. So it belongs to the Pearl River water system, people can arrive in Guangzhou and Hong Kong by boat.

The fantastic scenery of the Li River between Guilin and Yangshuo is just like an 83 km painting gallery which consists of four matchless features and five preciousness. The four matchless features are crystal beauty, fantastic scenery, green world and dreamy mirage. The five preciousness are cormorant, buffalo, mandarin fish, phoenix-tail bamboo and aged banyan.

Cormorant   Buffalo   Beer Fish   Phoenix-tail Bamboo
Cormorant   Buffalo   Mandarin Fish   Phoenix-tail Bamboo
Aged Banyan, Yangshuo
Aged Banyan

On sunny days, the Li River shows an ecological green world full with life, vitality and crystal beauty, bring us back to the nature. On rainy days, it shows a dreamy mirage with summits, bamboos enshroud by misty rain and cloudy veil, now appearing and then out of viewing.

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The highlights are stone women staring at her husband, crown cave, picturesque Yangdi area, nine horses mural cliff, reflection near yellow cloth shoal, Xingping wonderland.


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