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Anyang Feature Food

Mainly there are dregs of peels in the local delicacies in Anyang, three dip, Anyang blood cake, powder thick liquid meal, Anyang "three smoked", reel off raw silk from cocoons burn, knotweed flower, tough hawthorn cake, etc. , beef of temple and state of forest.

Anyang "three is smoked"
Including the smoked chicken, smoked egg, smoked pig´s head meat. Three smoked crafts stress, the materials are strict, operate it conscientiously. The finished product presents persimmons are red, glossy and glittering, fat but not oiliness, thick fragrant smell pure, aftertaste long, cool to wipe out the hot food, go well with wine and go with rice and will do.

The sack fish of eight treasures
With one in weight lifelike the Yellow River as raw materials, in addition the batching, condiments one of carp it, with the vinegar juice of the ginger after having the cage and steaming familiarly. It selects the strictness, there are much batching, condiments to stress, and making is meticulous. The flavor characteristic is that the physique is intact and in good taste, the design is pleasing and esthetic, the seafood is tender, the juice is delicious, nutritious.

Daokou roasted chicken
Road junction "justice revitalize piece" cook chicken formulate to the eight year of Shunzhi´s (1661), classified as the tribute in the period of Jiaqing. After new China is established, making skill can be inherited and developed, build up a production line of roasted chicken.

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Anyang Tour Guide

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