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Coconut Festival in Haikou
Hainan Island, with the symbol of Coconut tree, is also named in “Coconut Island”. Coconut trees are widespread planted around Hannan province. The Coconut festival is held in Haikou city every year contenting of tourism, folk custom, sport and business and trading, and is extraordinary activity of coconut culture in Hainan Island and San Yue San Festival of Li nationality.   
Time: 3rd March in Chinese lunar calendar
Place: Haikou City
Haikou_coconut festival.jpg

Hannan Junpo Festival(Nao Jun Po)

Junpo Festival is a unique traditional celebration to worship ancestors and famous historical figures as well as pray for prosperity. Nowadays, the festival is mainly in memory of Madam Xian who devoted herself to develop local agriculture and conquer rebellion for union of China mainland in Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-589).
Time: 9th to 19th February in Chinese lunar calendar
Place: Qiongshan prefecture in Hainan
Haikou_junpo festival.jpg

Huanhua Festival(Exchange flowers in Lantern Festival)
Huanhua festival has history of over 1,000 years since Tang Dynasty. Originally, people exchanged joss sticks for unending stream of descendant and family flourish. At present, flowers are exchanged during the festival to express the good wishes of new year and convey emotions between lovers. The most spectacular scene of exchanging flowers is happened at Haifu Road in Haikou city and Qiongshan county. Please do not missing the particular festival if you are traveling in Haikou during Lantern festival in Chinese calendar.  
Time:15th January in Chinese lunar calendar 
Place: Haikou City
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Haikou Tour Packages

Haikou Tour Guide

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