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Jianshui Attractions

Confucius Temple

Mar 30, 2016

A massive old temple, quite unlike anything else in Yunnan. There¡¯s a very large pond, which takes up most of the space, and an ¡¯inner sanctum¡¯ built up area where...

Double-Dragon Bridge

Mar 30, 2016

To the west of town an amazingly large Qing dynasty bridge stands proudly in the middle of the fields. I suppose the river moved, as there wasn¡¯t much call for a...

Swallows Caves

Mar 30, 2016

Swallows Caves (Yanzi Dong)The Swallows Caves are 30km east of Jianshui on the road to Kaiyuan or Gejiu - easy to reach on public buses heading this way from town, or...

Tuanshan Village

Mar 30, 2016

Tuanshan is a rare surviving example of an intact¡ªalbeit neglected¡ªtraditional walled Yunnan village compound in southwestern China. Although it was founded as a...

Zhu Family Garden

Mar 30, 2016

Right in the middle of Jianshui, is late Qing dynasty estate was owned by the Zhu family. The Zhus were merchants that moved to Jianshui from eastern China. They owned...