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Kaifeng Travel Guide

Kaifeng Nightlife

Evening entertainment prospects, aside from the night market, are poor. Try the Dazhong Cinema at the eastern end of Gulou Jie, or the Menghua Dancehall, on the south side of Dong Dajie, which is very popular with the students, though they only play slow numbers - the only repetitive beats you´ll hear are from the music stalls around Sihou Jie. You could try hanging around the university south of the Iron Pagoda Park, hoping something bohemian happens, but it´s a long shot.

Kaifeng Tour Guide

Half to one day trolling tour in downtown Guilin City

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What to See in Yangshuo for a Whole Year

Guilin, Yangshuo, West Street

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Kam Greand Choirs - Treasures of Dong Minority People

Congjiang, Rongjiang, Sanjiang

Kam Grand Choirs is a Natural Chorus with Multi-Tone, No Command, without Accompaniment in Dong minority areas with more than 2500...

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