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Kaili Attractions

Nanhua Miao village

Mar 30, 2016

Located on the riverside of Bala River in Sankeshu town, Nanhua Miao village is 16 kilometers away from Kaili city. The village is established nearby a leafy mountain;...


Mar 30, 2016

Located in southeast Liping County.It's geographical location is superior and is the most suitable place to inhabitant for people in Guizhou Province.Diping is famous...


Mar 30, 2016

Located in about 50 kilometers north of Kaili,Langde village is a fascinating ethnic Miao group in China.Here,Miao Ethnic Minority is both mysterious and exciting. The...

Wuyanghe River

Mar 30, 2016

Located within Zhenyuan, Shibin and Huangping counties, the Wuyang River scenic spot includes the Wuayng Three Gorges, Mount Yuntai, the Tiexi Stream, Zhenyuan ¡§C a...


Mar 30, 2016

Yintan is a misterious and poetical Tong village,which has aboat 1240 villagers.Around the village, there are green hills and age-old trees,as well as ordered...