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Kangting Travel Guide

Kangding Feature Food

Kangding cuisine is in strong Tibetan flavor rich in sorts of Tibetan Zanba, noodles, highland barley and buttered tea, but less in variety of vegetable. There are various barbecues in night market in Kangding including meats and vegetables. The feature food in Kangding is of delicious taste but low price.  

Cold Noodle in Kangding
Cold noodle is an authentic snack in Kangdin gained much favor from Tibetan, Uighur and Han people. The noodle is made from white peas with very good toughness. Tasting the dish, you can season the noodle with chili pepper and prepared sauce as your flavor. The famous delicacy restaurants for you are Kangding Tian Cold Noodle restaurant and Xiao Lan Cold Noodle restaurant. 
Cold Noodle in Kangding .jpg

Yak Meat
As one of the three alpine animals in the world, Yak exists in alpine region without any pollution; yak meat is so delicious that is well-known as “the best beef” in the world. There are various yak meat cooking methods in Kangding. The most popular dishes are Beef offal soup, Sautéed yak meat with pickled pepper, Yak meat dumplings. Tourists can taste authentic yak meat in Dingsan restaurant in Kangding.
kangding Yak Meat.jpg

Zanba and Buttered Tea
Zanba is the main staple food for Tibetan nationality made from potato, wheat or highland barley. Buttered tea is special drink in Tibetan region which has a good effect of supplement Vitamins and relieve altitude sickness. Tibetan people always eat Zanba with buttered tea; however, the exotic flavor may be not acceptable to some tourists.
Zanba and Buttered Tea.jpg

Kangting Tour Guide

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