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Ruili Attractions

Ruili River

Mar 30, 2016

Ruili River, with the length of 53 kilometers and the width of around 200 meters, is a major river in western Yunnan Province. With the picturesque scenery and...

Moli Waterfall

Mar 30, 2016

Moli Waterfall locates in Moli Valley, is also called Zhaduo Waterfall, and hides in deep mountains and forest, it's also called Moli Waterfall. the clean water falls...

One Tree Forest

Mar 30, 2016

One-Tree Forest is in fact a large banyan tree, which has a history of more than 900 years, with 32 earial roots streight pinning into the earth. Banyan is a special...

Moli Tropical Rainforest Scenic Area

Mar 30, 2016

Moli Tropical Rainforest Scenic Area,is famous for its tropical rainforest scenery and Buddhist holy land, the whole scenic spot is 1.5 kilometers long. Moli, also...

Jiegao Port

Mar 30, 2016

Jiegao is Dai Dialect, means Old City, 4 km southeast of Ruili city center. It's the biggest border trade port in Yunnan Province, half of the goods of Yunnan is...

Jiele Golden Pagoda

Mar 30, 2016

Jiele Golden Pagoda is the oldest Buddhist building, Buddhist activity arena, and scenic spot. it's built in 17 century, and it's a group Pagoda that is made up of 17...