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Wuxi Travel Guide

Wuxi Feature Food

Jiangsu dish is one of the four dish systems in China. It possesses distinctive local feature in ingredients usage: cooking ingredients are various kinds, great quantity, and good quality. So its been are selected to use for the celebration ceremony in 1949. The Sauce sparerib, White fish and Wuxi baozi are consider as the most unique taste in Wuxi.

Sauce sparerib
It will be a shamed to leave Wuxi without trying the Sauce sparerib. This legendary cuisine was featured in the famous documentary "A bite of China". Normally the experienced chef will rub the red wine, marmite malt sauce, black pepper, sugar and light soy sauce over the spare rib until well combined, marinate for 15 minutes. Reserve the seasoning sauce Then fried it with the reserving seasoning sauce. After that the meat was tender, unctuous, blander than beef, but stronger than chicken. The result is a thin layer of crispy skin on juicy, succulent meat. It may be too sweeter for the visitors.

Wuxi spareribs sauce 2.jpg Wuxi spareribs sauce.jpeg

White Fish
White fish from Taihu Lake it is known as one of the best taste fish in the area. The white fish of about 1 kg is the freshest, tenderest and the most delicious. After cooking, it is the best meal at dining tables in hotels, restaurants and houses. It’s considered as the first choice for the hospitality.

Wuxi White Fish.jpg

Wuxi Baozi
Xiaolongbao is more often known in Shanghai and its surrounding areas as “xiaolong manto” (pinyin). "Mantou" describes both filled and unfilled “baozi” in southern China, but only describes unfilled “baozi” in northern China. To avoid confusion, the name xiaolongbao is usually used in other areas. It is traditionally steamed in bamboo steamers; hence the name is awarded Xiaolongbao in Wuxi taste sweeter and has a thinner dough skin, and is juicier than the Shanghai variety. The Xiaolongbao filled with the meet of crab is the best which is not only popular in Wuxi, known as its origin place, but is welcomed around eastern China.

Wuxi Steam buns.jpg Wuxi Steam buns2.jpg

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