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Bird Festival in Dongtinghu Lake
The east of Dongtinghu Lake is one of important wetlands in China. Every year from October to March of next year, there are 217 kinds of birds overwinter in this area. Some rare birds, like white crane, gray crane, white-head crane, small swan and so on, would appear in east Dongtinghu Lake. Every February to March, it would have bird festival, and millions people would come and appreciate this view, including ornithologists from all over the world.
Time: February to March
Place: East Dongtinghu Lake Natural Conservation Area (take No. 15 bus, and get off on the last stop )
Ticket Price: 5RMB

Tuanhu Lotus Flower Festival
There is a Natural Lotus Flower Scenic Spot in Guangxing County of Jushan district, this is the biggest Natural Lotus Flower Scenic Spot in Southeast Asia. Every summer, lotus flowers bloom everywhere, and green leaves roll around, flower fragrance is in the air. Except the natural view, you can also watch performers rowing boats and sing among the flowers. it’s indeed the best place to spend your summer.
Time: August to October
Place: Tuanhu Lotus Flower Park (take No. 15 bus and get off in Junshan Scenic area, 5RMB/person)
Ticket Price: 50RMB
lotus flower festival.jpg

Nanhu Lake Cruise
Nanhu Lake is a famous scenic spot in Yueyang too, it’s beautiful in day time, but when night falls, it’s like a girl wearing its make up. It’s very popular for tourists to take a night cruise on Nanhu Lake.
Open time: 9:00am-10:00pm
Place: Nanjinggudu (across is a Nitrogenous Fertilizer Plant )
Ticket price: 65RMB/person
Nanhu Lake Cruise.jpg

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