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Beijing & Xian Old Picture Tour 2

Forbidden City & Tiananmen/Gate of Heavenly Peace (Beijing)
These old pictures on Forbidden City were taken in 1901, and the Qing Dynasty was ended in 1908. It was the last minutes show of this last dynasty in China. At that time, Tiananmen was still a gate out of Forbidden City, and we do not have Tiananmen Square.

City Walls (Xian)
Beijing city walls were not destroyed by World War II and the subsequent civil war; but were removed one after another since 1952; it was a pity. The famous architectural experts Liang Sicheng had suggested that repaired Beijing city walls and opened the top of walls to visitors, greened on both sides of the moat, let Beijing City Walls be a park. Well, Beijing now regret its city walls; Xian is one of the few cities in China where old city walls are still visible, and the walls followed the suggestion of Liang Sicheng, become a blissful stay to visitors. You should never miss biking on Xian City Walls which were built on the foundations of the walls of Tang Forbidden City during the reign of Hongwu, first emperor of the Ming dynasty (about 600 years ago).

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Summer Palace (Beijing)
We have Old Summer Palace, but it was destroied in 1900, all treasures were looted, the entire palace was burned. It is a pity.
Now, the Summer Palace is the largest and best preserved imperial garden. We suggest you to spend a whole day there.

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