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Beijing & Xian Old Pictures Tour

Beijing and Xian are the most representative  historical and cultural cities in China. Here we have some old pictures, they were taken about 100 years ago. Let's tour Beijing and Xian with these good old things.

Beijing is the capital of China's last two dynasties (Ming & Qing dynasties about 600 years ago), the emperors' palaces and the military construction  are the attraction to visitors. Xian's capital history is even longer.
Xian is the capital of the Tang Dynasty (about 1100 years ago), formerly called Chang'an; it was the most prosperous city in the world, and it was the beginning of the ancient Silk Road from east to west; until now, Chinese neighborhoods around the world known as "Chinatown" has the history of Xian.

It is interesting, there were about 21% of Discover China Tours tailor-made visitors visited Beijing in 2012; and for Xian, the proportion was 14%; and visitors' proportion choose both of them was 12%.
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Great Wall (Beijing)
Here we find three old photoes on Beijing Badaling Great Wall & Juyongguan Great Wall.

Beijing Badaling has a pass leads to the capital (Beijing downtown) in the south, to Yanqing in the north, to Yongning & Sihai in the east, to Xuanhua & Datong in the west;it extend in all directions, so it is named "Badaling". In Chinese, it means leads to eight directions.Beijing Juyongguan is another pass south to Badaling pass, it is closer to downtown Beijing. The name "Juyong" came from China first emperor of Qin (259 - 210 B.C.). The emperor had moved Prisoners, soldiers, civilians from other regions here to build & maintain the Great Wall. So, this section of Great Wall & the pass was named "Juyong", in Chinese means "moved the ordinary people here".

Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses (Xian)
The Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses was found in March 1974, so we could not find old picture on them. Here are some new photoes on its third excavation from June 2009 to June 2012.

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Ordinary People
Let's enjoy some old pictures of ordinary people in Beijing & Xian.
Here are some pictures of street vendors at that time. You could visit Gui Street & Gallery of Silk Street in Beijing or Beiyuanmen Muslim Quarter in Xian to enjoy the traditonal street vendors' food.

The left photo  - the street vendor was tasting his snack. It tasted good!
The top-right photo - the street vendor was selling sugar-coated haws. It is a really good tast traditional snack, sweet & sour, do not missed it when you visit Beijing.
The bottom - right photo - the street vendor was cuting hairs for the customers.

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