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China Travel Frequently Asked Questions 2

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It is our sincere intention to provide you with the best service possible. In case of questions, please view our Frequently Asked Questions section below. For information not covered here, please feel free to contact us. We are pleased to help! Our travel agent can be contacted by email at [email protected] , phone at +86-773-5858306, or fax at +86-773-5858106.
2.Regarding Reservations

2.1. Booking Procedures General

  • : How does booking with Discover China Tours work?
  • A: Booking with Discover China Tours could not be easier! You can do it directly online, just by selecting your desired tour package from our website. Please check the itinerary, the rates and other details and then just hit the "Book now" button. Once you submitted your booking request, our travel agents will attend to your booking details immediately. A reply with further details from our agents will reach you within less than 24 hours. 
    For any questions about or during the booking process, you can contact us via online chat, E-mail, phone or fax. Once the availability for your booking request has been confirmed and your payment has been successfully processed, you will receive a tour-confirmation-letter, as well as a tour-voucher by email. 
  • : After I make my reservation, how long does it take to get confirmation?
  • A: Once you have submitted your booking request, our travel agents will immediately attend to your booking details and reply to you with further details within less than 24 hours. The confirmation date depends. If the booking of your flight tickets and hotel reservations are smooth, the confirmation can usually be given within one or two days. Our service agents will do the utmost to finish your booking request as fast as possible .
  • : When is the deadline to make a reservation?
  • A: For hotel booking only, one in advance should be enough.
    For booking a seat-in-coach tour (sightseeing-tour), two or three days in advance are sufficient.
    For booking a long tour (customized-tour), including several destinations and hotels one or two weeks in before arrival date are recommended.
    We never the less accept bookings anytime before the arrival date. But in that case, we cannot guarantee availability on short time booking requests. But our travel agents will always be available to give you professional suggestions.
  • : Should I need to reconfirm before traveling?
  • A: Yes, it is better to reconfirm your tour. If you have any emergency changes, our travel agents are able to help you in time. Anyway, our employees will send you an e-mail to recheck the booking a few days before your arrival date.
  • : What is the Booking ID?
  • A: When you have submitted your booking request, our reservation system will automatically assign a booking ID to it. 
    Please make sure that in all your e-mails the booking ID is included in the subject line. Our e-mail routing system will then file it to the rest of the information about your bookings. Likewise, you should have your ID ready, if you want to contact us by online chat, telephone (call back service), or fax. The booking ID will help us to retrieve the current status of your booking process. 
  • : Is it possible to book only a Seat-in-coach trip instead of a full tour? Can I extend my tour when I am already in China?
  • A: Of course! Both options are possible. If you want to extend your tour, just contact us in time (2-3 day before your proper homeward journey) so that we can arrange everything. 
  • : Do I have to take the Tour Voucher with me throughout the tour?
  • A: Yes, we recommend you to take the Tour Voucher most of the time with you. It includes important information just like the itinerary, hotel names and addresses, your DiscoverChinaTours contact person and emergency call numbers. 
    When our guide (for sightseeing-tours) catches you up at your hotel, we do strongly recommend you to show the tour voucher to her/him and double check the itinerary. If there are any differences, please feel free to contact our travel agents by telephone directly.

2.2. Price & Payment

  • : If I cancel my tour, can I get a refund?
  • A: For all regular group tours, if you cancel your tour, more than 90 days before departure, you will get a full refund of all your payments. After that, the refund depends on the date of cancellation. If you have any question about the refund, please contact our travel agents. 
  • : What are possible payment methods? 
    A: The following payment methods are available:
    1. Direct bank transfer. (click here for more information)
    2. Credit card (Visa-card, Master-card, American Express, Diners Club). Remark: If you want to pay by credit card, there will be 3% service surcharge, directly charged by the Bank of China for each credit card payment. (click here for more information)
    3. Paypal (click here for more information
  • Although I am quite happy that it is possible to pay with credit card, I am a little concerned about sending copies of both sides of my credit card to you. How shall I know that the information is not misused?
  • A:For sure, we can understand your concerns about sending us such details. For the clearance of your qualms please let us explain how credit card payment works here in China. Without your allowance, we are not able to do anything with your credit card details, because the whole payment is operated through the "Bank of China" which wants us to hand in a "Credit Card Payment Form". This form will be send to you by our service staff before it comes to any transaction. We kindly ask you to examine this form carefully and fill it out honestly. The "Bank of China" is one of the biggest and best banks in China (http://www.bank-of-china.com/en/static/).
    [Important Note: We have paid the 3% processing fee to Bank of China in our side. However, please note that your credit card issuing bank may probably charge you a 2-3% fee for foreign currency exchange. ]
    Different from using a credit card in Europe or America you will always be asked to give a password or fill out a payment form before you can pay in a shop, hotel or receive money at a bank.
    If there are any doubts or questions left, please have a look at our feedback section to see that we are operating in this business for many years with very satisfied customers, or feel free to contact our service staff. 
  • : Do you offer discount rates for children?
  • A: Our policy regarding discounts for children varies according to tour requested. When you post your booking request, please state the number of children and also their age. We give discounts on some of our sightseeing tours and on some river cruises. For details please contact or service staff.
    Usually children under the age of 12 get a 50% discount on all flights. They also can stay for free in the hotel room of their parents, if no extra bed is needed.
    Children younger than two even pay only 10% for all flights. Infants fly for free.
    All children over the age of 12 are considered as an adult.
    Any child over the age of 12 is considered an adult by the travel agency and hotel industry. 
    Children no more than 2 years of age only pay 10% for the flight booking. Free baby cots for babies. 
  • : When will I be charged?
  • A: Once your booking has been confirmed, we will request you to transfer a deposit to our bank account. The remainder will be charged at least ten days before your arrival date.
  • : Do you offer any discounts for group travel?
  • A: The group travel discount rates are depending on the group size. The more persons you are, the more discount you can get. Our tour prices are calculated according to the four different categories below:
    1. One person
    2. 2-5 persons in one group
    3. 6-9 persons in one group
    4. Over 10 persons in one group.
    The rates on our website are based on double occupancy thus for category two. The prices for category three or four are much lower. For details, please feel free to contact our service staff.

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