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Mulan Hunting Forest & Grassland Festival opens in every September to next February in Chengde Mulan Hunting Ground. Its main purpose is to advocate of ecotourism and show people the unique forest grassland scenery.
Mulan Hunting Ground is located in Weichang Manzu and Mongolian Autonomous County, the north of Chengde city. It used to be the imperial hunting ground in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1901 A.D.). Nowadays, the ground is maintain its primitive beauty with the vast forest and wide-spreading grassland. It was approved to a national forest&grassland park in 1991. In summer, tourists would get away the hot and take leisure rid here. In winter, covering  Munlan Hunting Ground is the best place for skiing and hunting. Thus, there are more and more tourists join in the Mulan Hunting Forest & Grassland Festival in recent years.

Dragon Boat Race in Chengde is held in every June at Dragon Boat Festival.
Dragon Boat Race is a custom in Dragon Boat Festival. It said that the Race originated in ancient China in memory of Qu Yuan the excellent minister in Chu. Qu Yuan suicided in river for country ruined. When people heard the news, they rowed their boats to try and find his corpse, but failed. After that, the Dragon Boat Race is open in every Dragon Boat Festival around Chinese in memory of Qu Yuan. Now, the Dragon Boat Race is became a popular fixed performance in Chengde every year. 
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Chengde Tour Guide

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