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As a fortress on the frontier of ancient China and a summer resort for the imperial consorts, Chengde has had an age to practice its culinary styles. It is the local produce that is the major factor on most menus and the cooking styles that this produce is subject to is even today of delicious standard. The most favoured of the locally caught produce is various game, including hare (Tu zi rou), deer (Lu rou), pheasant (Shan ji rou) and roe (Zhang rou), but it is Chengde´s vegetarian products that are most plentiful, this being an area of high yield for the fairly infertile north. Specialties include different types of wheat and maize products (and from these noodles and dumplings), and a variety of fruits (including apricots, peaches & dates) and nuts (including chestnuts, almonds & peanuts).

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Food Areas and Restaurants:
Restaurants in town are everywhere, and it seems a shame to ruin your explorations of taste by directing you to any particular one. The list below is mainly for areas that will give you the chance to try your luck with the resort´s dining possibilities. You may, however, wish to head to the nicer restaurants in order to know quite what you are ordering.

Lizhimen lu is near to the resort entrance and has various restaurants, and some have English menus.

Qingfeng Restaurant Street (Qingfeng jie), starting at the intersection with Lizhimen lu, has numerous restaurants with prices ranging from top to bottom. It is worth both checking the prices and the sizes (both large and small) before ordering.

Shanxiying jie, at the intersection with Nanyingzi dajie, has cheaper eats and street food for those on a budget.

Shidonggou kou, also off Nayingzi dajie, is the best place to try the famous game products. The Changsheng Restaurant (Changsheng fandian) is a little expensive, but has some great dishes.

The Xinhua Hotel (Xinhua fandian), on Xinhua lu, has a very good restaurant for those of an imperial nature.

Jiu noodles ,fried dunpling ,venison,mushroom

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Chengde Tour Guide

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