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Dalian Travel Guide

Dalian Transportation

Dalian boasts its convenient communication and telecommunication networks. It is a hub of the comprehensive transportation system with a powerful capacity either through the sea, land or air.
By boat
  The Dalian Port is a world-known deep and non-frozen harbor with more than 70 berths, including 40 with above 10,000 tons berthing capacity, connecting with over 300 ports in 160 or more countries. The port it´s the largest transient terminal for grains and petroleum of China. Dalian is linked with the well-developed highway networks, among which the most significant ones are Shenyang-Dalian Expressway, the earliest of its kind in China; Dalian-Zhuanghe and Dalian-Lushun highways. In the city proper, there are many convenient public transportation lines with light rail wagons, trolley buses and buses; and the most advanced urban traffic controlling system in the world. Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport can be landed with Boeing 747 and has opened 86 domestic or international air routes.
By plane:
20 mines by driving, Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport is about 20km far to Dalian city was built in 1972. The airport code is DLC; it is the main prepare dropping airport of Beijing capital airport, having 145 air lines including 98 domestic air line and 47 international air lines. It is very convenient for tourists reach Dalian around the world.
By train
As the growth of High Speed Rail in China, most trains in Dalian train station has been improve to D-train or G-train connecting to City in northern China such as Beijing, Harbin, and Changchun. It is only about 6.5 hours by D-train between Beijing and Dalian, and about 4 hours by G-train between Harbin and Dalian. All the D-train between Beijing and Dalian is working in daytime, but there is also a overnight train(Z-train) which takes about 11.5 hours.
Dalian_D train.jpg
By bus
Dalian has a comparatively developed public transportation system. There are over 100 bus routes in Dalian, including a tram car line. As most of the buses are the self-service ticketing one, so travelers should prepare the change in advance.

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Dalian Tour Guide

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