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Emei Travel Guide

Emei Activities

Mt. Emei Worship Festival
Activates: Buddhism ceremony, temple fairs, worship activates
Well-known as a world Buddhism cultural heritage, Mt. Emei Worship Festival aims to spread the Buddhism culture to the world. This festival lasts for 7 days in May. During the festival, monks come from all over the world gathering to have exchanging meetings of Buddhism. Other activity such as temple fair is also held to attract tourists.
Place: Mt. Emei, Sichuan Province
Date: May(annual)
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Emei Mt. International Kungfu Festival
 Emei Mt.is believed to be the cradle of Emei Kungfu. Last for 3,000 years, Emei Kungfu is among the Top Three kinds Kungfu in China (the other two are Shaolin Kungfu and Wudang Kungfu). International Kungfu Festival aims at creating a platform for martial arts practitioners from all over the world to exchange and show their skills, which also open eyes for common people to know more about Kungfu culture in China.
The main activities of the festival include opening and closing ceremonies, traditional Kungfu competitions, Golden Summit Kungfu forum, swords challenge tournament, healthy gourmet festival and Buddhist cultural activities.
Place: Mt. Emei and Leshan Grand Buddha scenic area
Date: one in every two years since 2007
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