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Fuzhou Travel Guide

Fuzhou Feature Food

Fuzhou is the birthplace of the Fujian cuisine. It is a paradise of gourmets. Among the best known dishes are the "Buddha Jumping over the Wall", "Lichee Pork" and "Pipa Prawn". There are also many local snacks such as fish balls, taro paste, "Pot-Rim Crust", taro cake, "Nine-Layer" cake, "Smooth Cake", dried meat floss, spring onion and pork pancake, "Thread "noodles and "Spring Rolls". The "Rongcheng Food Street" on Yingzhou Road in Taijiang is 300 meters long. More than 15,00 varieties of delicacies from Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, other parts of China and Southeast Asia are available on this street.

Fuzhou cuisine belongs to Fujian cuisine, which known for its pickled taste with rich colors, choice seafood and sweet, sour and sometimes salty taste, and graceful presentation. Soup, is one of the most important dish of local resident. Skillful gourmet chefs have magic to keep and improve the original flavor of various materials.
The most famous cuisine in Fuzhou includes Buddha Jumps over the Wall, Litchi Pork (Lizhi Rou), Pickled Hasma in Chicken Soup, Steamed Abalone with Shark's Fin , Fish Balls, Sea Clams, Shaxian Snacks, Spring Roll, Egg Roll and so on.  
Fuzhou_Buddha Jumps1.jpg
Buddha Jumps over the Wall ( Fotiao Qiang)
This dish has been a famous cuisine in Fuzhou more than 100 years. An elaborate Buddha Jumps is made by over 20 ingredients in a clay jar. They materials include shark's fin and jaws, fish maw (air bladder), abalone, dried scallop, squid, sea cucumber, chicken breast meat, duck chops, pork tripe and leg, minced ham, mutton, winter bamboo shoots, mushrooms and so on. This dish is nutritious and delicious.
 Fuzhou_Buddha Jumps.jpg

Litchi Pork (Lizhi Rou)
The litchi is a kind of fruit known for the vibrant reddish pink shell, but juicy inside and sweet flavor. Litchi Pork is a sweet fresh dish which Litchi and pork be fried together with sugar, vinegar, onion, garlic.
Pickled Hasma in Chicken Soup
Pickled Hasma in Chicken Soup is truly a homegrown dish in Fuzhou. The main materials calms from Changlezhang Harbor in Fuzhou and chickens in local free-rang. This soup is both nutritious and tasty.
Shaxian snacks
"Shaxian snacks” is a general name for various kinds of snacks that originated from Shaxian County in Fujian Province, which are famous for its noodles served with soy sauce, Simmered Soup in Jars, Fish Balls and Won Ton.

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