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Guilin Feature Food

Guilin Feature Food

In south and south west of China, rice noodle is an important ingredient, and Guilin Rice Noodle is a unique dish. Except that, Guilin have lots of local dishes such as Lipu Taro looped Meat, Steamed Mandarin Fish from Li River, Gingko Stewed with Old Duck,Braised Duck Covered with Lotus Leaf, Yangshuo Beer Fish, Oil-tea, ect.

Guilin Rice Noodles

It is one of  the most popular rice noodles in China, and to Guilin people, it is not only a snack, but also breakfast, lunch, dinner. 
The classic Guilin Rice Noodles are made by daily-made rice noddles, pot-stewed spiced beef, deep fry pork belly/jowl with crispy sikn, secret recipe marinade, deep-fry peanut/soybean and the oil fry the crispy skin pork. The soul of Guilin Rice Noodles is the secret recipe marinade,different restaurants have their own recipe to keep the special taste. Except that, you could DIY your rice noodles by choosing some pickled vegetables include: long bean, white turnip, bamboo shoots, leaf mustard; types of chilies, spring onion, coriander (in winter), vinegar.
The classic diet order is get your basic bowl of Guilin Rice Noodles, DIY the pikled vegetables and other condiments, stir, eat them, and enjoy some pork bone soup for free in the restaurant. perfet end!
If the rice noodles are not enough, there are many other snack in the restaurant on the menu: on the marinade pot, you could choose: egg, dried bean milk cream in tight rolls, fry tofu, meet ball, kelp and deep-fry bread stick.

Lipu Taro looped Meat

Lipu Taro Looped Meat is a famous traditional dish of Guilin. It is made of taro from Lipu, streaky pork with skin, pepper, mashed onion, preserved bean-curd of Guilin, cooking wine, sugar etc.

Steamed Mandarin Fish from Li River

The most important feature of Steamed Li River fish is its tenderness. When you put the fish in your mouth, you don´t even have to chew because it will melt itself and give you the best taste of fish you´ve ever eaten. Accompanied with special sweet sauce, the steamed fish appears to be the best choice for people who prefer light flavour food.

Gingko Stewed with Old Duck

This is one of the most famous and popular dishes in Guilin, and it appears on family dinner tables often. The most important ingredients are old duck and baiguo (Gingko) which is famous Chinese medicine. Stewing makes the final soup tasty and nutritious.

Yangshuo Beer Fish

Fish from Li river is cooked he local beer is the most popular Yangshuo. The fish is cooked in beer with some local vegetables. The fish can contain bones but the meat tastes delicious.

Stuffed Li River snails

Before cooked the snail should be maintain in the clean water for two days. The snails are stuffed with minced pork and a small amount of vegetables and mint and the cooked in a light sauce. They´re a little spicy. 

Oil-tea (You Cha) 

Oil-tea is the flavor of Guilin. Every county of Guilin has the habit of drinking oil-tea. When you drink the Oil-tea first time, you will feel a little bitter. It is said that the more you drink the more you will like it. 
Guilin have cold and wet spring and winter, the oil-tea could keep out the cold and weet. a wok is used to fry tea with oil and ginger (every county of Guilin have their own recipe, such as peanut, mung bean and other spices), after the flavor come out, add water or pork born soup into the wok, when the oil-tea boiling, could be enjoy now. 
The basic DIY before drinking is to add spring onion, salt, parched rice, small deep-fry sweet rice ball. The advanced DIY is to use the oil-tea to make a hot-port, fish slice, port slice, chicken, rice noodles, etc. Different ingredients will have a unique flavor when it is cooked in oil-tea.

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