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Harbin Nightlife

Because of the high latitudes and temperate Continental Monsoon Climate, Harbin night is much colder than daytime but the nightlife in Harbin is as rich and color as other big cities in China. Night market, tea houses, coffee shops, KTV, and club and bars are full of around the city. The Central Avenue is the last place for missing of night Harbin with its exotic building in colorful neon glows and vivid night entertainment.
Travelling in Harbin, tourists can not only experience common night activities such as club and bar, tea house and coffee shops, but also take novel nightlife here in Harbin especially the ice and snow artworks under lamplight, exotic shows from Russian and local Errenzhuan show in northeast China

Special night show recommended for your tour in Harbin: Northeast Errenzhuan 
Northeast Errenzhuan in Harbin.jpg
Northeast Errenzhuan
Northeast Errenzhuan is a kind of folk song-dance duet; also famous as “Hop-Hop” performed by a man and a woman. It has strong local flavor and is popular in northeast China including Jilin, Liaoning and Heilongjiang province and north part of Inner Mongolia. As the performance and popularize by China famous actor Benshan Zhao and his prentice Xiao Shenyang, the Northeast Errenzhuan has acceptable by more and more China today.

Errenzhuan is originally formed in Qing dynasty and has history of more than 300 years. The early Errenzhuan is a kind of ballad singing performed by Yangge(a kind local dance in north China) actors. Later, the performance enriched with other element in other kinds folk, such as Lianhualao (a kind of ballad in Hebei province), Hebei Bangzi (a type of drama in Hebei Province), and folk comic stories ect..

Similarly to other operas and dramas in China, there were no female actors in Errenzhuan performances and all female roles were played by men dressed in women. Today, the female actors are common on stage and became an important role to attract audiences for the show.

Audiences can watch the Northeast Errenzhuan in many stages and clubs in Harbin. Such as: News Cinema Stage, Liu Lao Gen Grand Stage

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