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Jiayuguan Travel Guide

Jiayuguan Feature Food

1. Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout, known as “Ginseng in Water” is a precious ingredient. The succulent is rich in animal protein and vitamins. Long-term consumption of rainbow trout could strengthen the immune system, effectively prevent cardiovascular disease. When traveling in Jiayuguan, tourists could taste a whole trout as a dish or other various trout products for meal, such as fish balls, fish dumpling, fish eggs and fish fillet.
Jiayuguan_Rainbow Trout2.jpg

2.Steamed Beef and Mutton
Like other traditional steamed food in China, the steamed beef and mutton is firstly pickled by dressings and spices, and then steamed for few hours. The cuisine is fresh, greasy and rich scent. Tips: a cup of tea could be a best choice to flavor this dish.
Jiayuguan_Steamed beef&mutton2.jpg

3.Rolling Noodles, Jiayuguan style(Cuo Yu Mian)
Rolling Noodles are special kind snack in Jiayuguan. The noodle is thick in middle and thin at both sides, looked like a fish. The noodles could be hot dish in cold days and also could be eaten as cold dish in summer.
Jiayuguan_Cuo Yu Mian1.jpg

4.Roasted cake, Jiuyuguan style ( Shaokezi)
Shaokezi is a traditional pasta of Yugu nationality in Jiayuguan. The cake is roasted in sheep dropping fire until it turned to yellow and in flavor fragrant. The ordinary cake looks like a pan, some special one could be pomegranate, peach and others.
Jiayuguan_ Shaokezi.jpg

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Jiayuguan Tour Guide

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