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Jilin province is one of the main production areas of “Three Treasures (Ginseng, Mink and Velvet antler) in Northeast China”. Tourists can find these specialties in most malls and specialty shops. Jilin is rich in wild medicinal herbs with more than 70 species including codonopsis pilosula, cortex Phellodendri, fritillaria. In addition, rhodiola rosea, wood frog, boschniakia rossica, ganoderma lucidum, bracken, osmund, and black fungus are well-known local specialties in Jilin.
Besides nature produces, there are rich folk arts and handicrafts Jilin such as root carving, fancy stone, bark paintings, Manchu paper-cut, painted gourd sculpture, silk flower, Jilin colored wood sculpture. 

Three Treasures in Northeast China (Ginseng, Mink and Velvet antler mink)
Three Treasures in Northeast China are famous local specialties in Jilin province. Ginseng is wide-useed as a common material for cuisine as well as medicinal herb. Ginseng is also used in sugar making and liquor produces.    
Jilin ginseng.jpg

Velvet Antler
Velvet antler is a kind rare Chinese medicine. It has great effects for increased nutritional needs and widely used for weakness and neurasthenia in traditional Chinese medicine.
Jilin Velvet Antler .jpg

Jilin Handmade Painted Wood Carving
The wood carving is made of high quality birch with main pattern of bird and animals, having a high value of collection. The ornamental handicrafts gain a great reputation from consumers in western counties, Southeast Asia and Africa
Jilin Painted Gourd Sculpture.jpg

Jilin Painted Gourd Sculpture
Jilin Painted Gourd Sculpture is a kind particular tourism souvenir in Jilin City and Jilin province. The sculpture is made of local gourd, after several productions processing including painting and japanning. It is delicacy, pretty, small and easy for carry.
Jilin Handmade Painted Wood Carving .jpg

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