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Jiujiang Travel Guide

Jiujiang Feature Food

The most popular food in Jiujiang is 'three stones of Mount Lu'

Stone Frog

Lived in the rock and cavea stone frog weighed 1lb, and the forelimbs of it are small but hind legs are very strong.

It's easy to digest and good for nutrition.

stone frog.jpg

Stone Fish

The stone fish is tiny and with no scales so there is another name called 'Needle'. Fired with eggs, its flavor is fresh and light. It is one of the chief economic marine fishes. Its meat is delicious with rich protein and poor cholesterol.

stone fish.jpg

Stone Fungus

It's flat and shaped like an ear. Stone fungus is loaded with valuable nutrients. It is not only helps ease blood pressure, have heat-clearing and detoxifying effect.

stone fungus.jpg

Jiujiang Tour Guide

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