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As the capital of Yunnan province, Kunming boasts a variety of Dian cuisine including traditional Han foods and ethnic cuisine within Yunnan, such as Dai or Bai nationality. The most fabulous Yunnan cuisine should be Yunnan rice noodles, famous as Crossing the bridge rice noodles. Rice noodles restaurants and stalls are dotted randomly around the city, that tourists can find a rice noodles restaurant easily. To take traditional Dian cuisine, tourists can take a try in "Jixin Yunnan Flavor Restaurant" or the Guoqiaodu Restaurant in Kunming. The authentic Dai food can be found in Laozhiqing Restaurant. In addition, there are many nice restaurants offered western foods in city center or around the Green Lake (Cuihu) area. The famous restaurants are Journey To the East, Blue Bird and Teresa Pizza, "Mamafu′s" and Jack In The Box.

Crossing the Bridge Noodles
Crossing the bridge noodles, named in Yunnan Rice Noodles, is famous noodle soup in Yunnan province belongs to Dian cuisine in China. It is said that the dish is originate from Mengzi County and Jianshui County, spread to Kunming in about 50 years ago and widely accepted by most Chinese people now. The noodles soup is making from pig bone, old hen, and xuanwei ham after server hours boiled. The noodle soup contains of four parts; one is fragrant soup with boiled oil on the surface; another is sorts of seasonings of pepper oil, aginomoto, black pepper and salt; the third ingredients include a part of slices meat of pork, chicken, fish, egg or ham, and tofu and vegetables of bean curd sheets, chives, sprouts; and the main ingredients of dish—rice noodles. In some restaurants, meats, vegetable and noodles are served on small plates or a cutting plat. Dinner can put ingredients into a bowl of soup for eating.

Boiled Chicken in Steam Pot
Boiled chicken in steam pot is a famous traditional Yunnan cuisine, particular with cooking in steam pot to created unique flavor. Common ingredients include chicken and sorts of fungus or mushrooms and Chinese herbs. Steamed in a pot, the dish has well keep the flavor of chicken;seasoned with mushrooms, the soup is extremely fresh in palatable taste and in high nutritious value.
Sautéed Red-Cooked Termite Mushroom
Braised chicken with termite mushroom was a unique dish in Kunming because of its particular ingredient of termite mushroom only grew in Yunnan, China in past. Termite mushroom is a kind wild rare edible mushroom in Yunnan, fresh, sweet, fragrance and tender, in similar nutritious to chicken.
Mushrooms in Clay Pot
Mushrooms are common ingredients of Dian cuisines in Yunnan, possibly due to its rich sorts and abundant production. There are many mushrooms dishes among them, the Mushrooms in clay pot is most palatable one of in raising the fresh flavor.      

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Kunming Tour Guide

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