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Kunming Feature Food

Kunming Feature Food

As the capital city of Yunnan Province, Kunming boasts a variety of cuisines including traditional Han foods and ethnic cuisines within Yunnan minorities. 
And here are some popular foods in Kunming: Cross the Bridge Rice Noodles, Steam Pot Chicken, Mushsrooms Hot Pot, Carcoal Cook Beef Hot Pot with Kunming Recipe Sauce,Flaky Pastry with Flowers Stuffing,Tamarind Fruit Cake, ect.

Cross the Bridge Rice Noodles

It is the most famous Kunming food. It consists of four parts: 
1. The soup with a layer of boiling oil
2. The seasoning inculde oil chili, pepper and salt
3. The main ingredients include Yunnan rice noodle, sliced raw pork tenderloin , sliced chicken breast, sliced mullet, medium rare port kidney, medium rare sliced port tripe and sliced squid
4. The auxiliary ingredients are pea burgeen, leeks, coriander, sliced spring onion, sliced ginger and the thin sheets of tofu.
four parts are served seperated, you put all the ingredients you prefer to on the rice noodle, then put the boiling soup, wait about 2 minutes to star eating.

Steam Pot Chicken

Mushrooms in Clay Pot

Charcoal Cook Beef Hot Pot with Kunming Recipe Sauce

Flaky Pastry with Flowers Stuffing

Tamarind Fruit Cake

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