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Kunming Shopping

Kunming Shopping

Handicrafts in Kunming are very famous for its exquisite design and mast skills, on the behalves of ivory carving, wooden carving, brocades and bamboo crafts of Dai nationality and other ethnic batik and tie-dye products. In addition, nature productions are also rich in Kunming abounding with a variety of mushrooms and fresh and dried flowers.

Dai Brocades
Dai brocades are ancient handicrafts with strong exotic flavor, created by Dai nationality in Yunnan. The patterns of Dai brocade are in extremely precise structure with thousands silk threads sewing though spinning wheels; a small mistake will destroy the whole design. Most patterns are in certain meaning. Brocades in red or green color are made in memory of ancestors; design of peacock patterns is symbol of auspiciousness; figure pattern is in meaning of good harvest; tower pattern are used in streamer of temples; patterns of lion, elephant or horse are implied of power and statues, which only for Tusi (also known as Headmen or Chieftains) in past.
Kunming Ivory Carving
Kunming has a long history of ivory carving. The handicraft is famous of its exquisite workmanship, vivid pattern and elaborate design. Kunming Ivory Carving can be divided into multidimensional ivory carving and plane ivory carving. Cost of ivory carving for your reference, the small piece would cost tens of RMB and the big piece would need hundreds or more according its quality.

Flowers / Dried Flowers
Kunming boasts in a variety of flowers and dried flowers in low prices but nice quality. Flowers and dried flowers are selling in most market around Kunming city, that it is very convenient for local buy them. There are many kind fresh flowers come into the market every day. People in Kunming love flower and love to take flower. You can take an experience in flower markets when you visiting Kunming.

Xuanwei Ham
Xuanwei Ham, also known as Yunnan ham, is one of three top ham brands in China and has been exported to Hong Kong, Singapore and other places and gain good reputation in home and aboard in over 60 years ago. Xuanwei ham are seasonal produce which are better product from autumn to spring in temperature between 5 ℃ -10 ℃ for the best. Xuanwei Ham is in bright red and white color, taste in unique flavor and aroma and facilitate long-term preservation.
Cost for your reference: Average in CNY30- CNY 60 per kg.

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