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Lanzhou Attractions

Ancient Town of Qingcheng

Mar 30, 2016

Located on the south bank of the Yellow River on the north front of Yuzhong County, It is 100 km away from Lanzhou and is the only provincial historical and cultural...

Xinglong Mountain Nature Reserve

Mar 30, 2016

It is located 5km southwest to Yuzhong County. There are peaks, springs, falls, exotic flowers and rare herbs. The east and west peaks constitute the major part of the...

Tulu Gully Forest Park

Mar 30, 2016

Located in hinterland of Yongdeng County 160km to the northwest of Lanzhou, it is a national AAAA tourist attraction. “Tulu” comes from ancient Mongolian language,...

Forest of Steles in Lanzhou

Mar 30, 2016

Located on White Pagoda Mountain on the north bank of the Yellow River, it is composed of an ancient architectural complex extending 400 meters among ridges and peaks,...

Five Spring Mountain

Mar 30, 2016

As a national AAAA tourist attraction, it is located on the north foot of Gaolan Mountain in south suburb of Lanzhou. It gets the name because there are five springs...

Heavenly Axe Sand Palace

Mar 30, 2016

Located in Longfeng Canyon east of Renshou Mountain of Anning District Lanzhou, it is a wonder of Danxia landform with red sandstone formed 25 million years ago....