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Mangshi Feature Food

Mangshi Feature Food

There are many Dai minority dishes in Mangshi. The features of Dai cuisine are Sour flavor, vegetable from wild, cooked flowers, flavor with natural flavor. Here are some dishes. 

Glutinous Rice

Although Dai minority is different because some of them live in mainland and some in border, or some is called Water Dai and some Dry Dai, they are almost the same in diet custom, they all like to eat glutinous rice. It’s inherited from their mode of production and diet customs,because they often leave their village for working, it’s not convenient to go back to eat,they take their meals to work. They prefer to eating glutinous rice with hands.

glutinous rice.jpg

Green Leaves Banquet
Green leaves banquet is a way that Jingpo minority treat their guests. It includes grilled fish, glutinous rice, tuynia herb, fried eggs, pancake, meant, and fish and some other vegetables, 7-9 dishes in total. Except eggs and rice are steamed, the other dishes are all grilled and packed in green plantain leaves.

green leaves meal.jpg

Chong Dish Series
Chong dish is various in Mangshi. Jingpo people put different kinds of ingredients into thick bamboo tube, and then use wooden mallet to mash them. Chong dish’s specialty and value are that it uses raw material, or they cook the material and then mash them, when mashing, they add some seasoning, like salt and fermented blank beans and pepper and so on. Almost all Jingpo families have mashing bamboo tube, and they have Chong dish in every meal.

Chong dish series.jpg

It’s a famous sweet dessert in Burma and Thailand. But it is spread to Yunnan later. It has milk, bread, shimmy, coconut shred and other materials. It’s very cheap and popular, the price is around 10RMB. A very popular local Paoluda store is called Mangshi Laonai Cold Drink, a lot of tourists like to go there and try Paoluda.


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