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Nagqu Travel Guide

Naqu Feature Food

Due to the effect of high altitude, Naqu cuisine(Nakchu cuisine) has typical flavor of Tibetan food with main meat of pork, mutton and beef; vegetarian diet of butter, cheese and vegetables, drinkings of buttered tea, milk and yoghurt; and various wheaten staple and highland barley foods, though its diet custom has some changes as the communication with Han people.       
Dried Meat 
Dried meat is the most popular specialty in Naqu. As typical specialty in North Tibet, dried meat in Naqu might be not the best one in Tibet, yet, the quality is in high level with excellent taste. There are dried beef and dried mutton in Naqu, dying in the air for more than two months. According to its production processes, the dried meat can be divided into two kinds, one part seasons with salt and another is drying by air directly. Generally speaking, the first part is in better taste, the second kind is crispier. Most locals are fond of dried meat without salts. Tourists can buy both kinds dried meat for taste before bulk-buy.

There are two sorts of cheeses in Naqu according their raw materials and making processes. One is making from residue produced by extracting butter, after boiling and evaporating, and then pressed into a pie or cut into strips drying in the air. Another kind is boiling junket until it completely solidified, after be drying in the air, cut the cheese into filaments or granules. There is a great variety of cheese in Naqu including sweet cheese, yoghurt cheese, white cheese and blue cheese, costing about CNY200 per kilogram generally.         
Buttered Tea
Butter is necessary to every household in Tibet, making various kinds food such as Buttered tea, Zanba and deep-fried dough sticks. As an important implement of vitamins, butted tea is popular and always used to treat guests in Tibet including Naqu.
Visiting in Tibetan family, the hospitable host will invite you to drink buttered tea. However, there is a special set of rule for drinking butted tea in Tibetan family. When you tea cup or wooden bowl is poured buttered tea in first time, please do not drink for hurry before talking with the host; you can drink the tea when the host is going to serve you with buttered tea in second time. Bowled the tea oil before you nip the buttered tea, and please do not mean of your praises after you taste the tea, the host will be very happy if you are fond of this tea. The host will fulfill you tea cup after you tasted. If you do not want to drink again, please leave it alone. When you are going to leave, you can take a few nips but leave some tea with tea oil on the bottom.   Keep some remains are very important when you drinking butted tea in Tibetan family. 

Tibetan Wine
Tibetan wine is mostly made from wheat and highland barley in soft but fragrant taste, alcohol content from 20 to 30. Tibetan is keen to drink wine possibility because of the cold weather with high altitude. Tips: please do not drinks any wine for safety in your first day enter into Tibet

Yoghurt is in abundant production in Naqu for the rich resource of sheep and cattle. Because of its excellent taste and rich nutrition, yoghurt gain high reputation from dinners and tourists visiting Tibet.

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