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Nanjing Shopping

Nanjing Shopping


Boasting more than 20 professional craft workshops and over ten thousand staff, Nanjing produces various kinds of handicraft. Among the different goods produced are the: cloud-pattern brocade, velvet, imitations of ancient ivory carving and wood carvings.

The Yuhua Pebble (yuhuashi) from the Yuhua Terrace is also a popular souvenir and many pebbles carry a specific tale or legend with them. The best place to buy souvenirs is in the area around Confucius Temple. Be prepared to bargain hard however, as store owners here have a tendency to over-charge foreigners!

In terms of department stores, while not quite on a par with neighboring Shanghai, most modern amenities are available in the city. There is a great department store attached to the Crowne Plaza. The area around the Universities has some good little boutiques with fairly funky clothing. 

Nanjing Brocade
Nanjing brocade is the outstanding representative of the excellent traditional culture of our country. Because it’s as colorful and beautiful as clouds on the sky, it’s call Nanjing cloud brocade in Chinese. It has nearly a thousand year of history. In ancient time, “Jin”, which is brocade, was the representative of the highest technical level of fabric. Jin was the Royal tribute supplies for Yuan, Ming, Qing, three dynasties. 

Nanjing Brocade.jpg

Yuhua Pebble
Yuhua Pebble is a natural agate stone, also known as aragonite, ornamental stone, lucky stone. It’s mainly produced in Liuhe area in Nanjing and Yizheng city. Started from the Northern and Southern Dynasties, refined scholars sang about rain flower and thought it’s a kind of magic stone, therefore, it’s also called "Queen of stone", known as the national treasure, a unique in china.

yuhua pebble.jpg

Jingling Folding Fans
Jinling folding fans is an unique local brand, once it was famous all round the world. In history, Qixialongtan and Shibu bridge area are two of the important production centers. However, production workshops and masters that master the traditional craft artists making Jinling folding fans are very a few now.

gold foil
A gold piece after handmade pounding becomes a flake that the thickness is no more than 0.1 micron, so it is called gold foil. The unique production process is China's construction of traditional craft, which has a long history, originated in the southern dynasty. Gold foil is mainly used for the architecture, utensils, Buddhist statues of decorative gold and rare Chinese traditional medicine formula.forbidden city in Beijing and Tibet Potala Palace building decoration foil are produced in Nanjing. In the past few years, artists also use gold foil to design all kinds of pattern. The gold foil painting receives customers’ fondness, Jinling gold foil products are also exported to Southeast Asian countries.

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