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Mawlid an-Nabi is a special day in Islamic calendar to remember the birth of Prophet Muhammad. Every year, Muslims around the world celebrate the day by large street processions, distributing food and charity and talks and sermons about the life of the prophet.
The day is recognised as a public holiday in most Muslim countries with the exception of Saudi Arabia.

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The Festival of Lesser Bairam is one of the three major Islamic festivals and grandly celebrated by the Hui people here. Every September according to Islamic calendar is called Ramadan, which lasts for 29 or 30 days. During this period, Muslim people must finish their pre-fasting meal before sunrise and they are not allowed to eat or drink anything until the sun goes down. In addition, all Muslim people are supposed to curb all their personal desires, including that of sexual intercourse, and practice abstinence during this time in order to show their allegiance to Allah. Children, sick people and elderly people are allowed not to practice fasting but they should limit their diet and must not eat or drink in public. In the evening when the bells in the mosques ring, people could suspend their fasting and begin to have their meal.
On the morning of the festival, adult Muslims take baths and change into their festival best before going to the mosque for prayers. Then they begin visiting relatives and friends, extend greetings to each other, and hand out deep-fried dough twists, fried doughnuts, almonds, tea and fruit as a form of celebration. It is also a common practice for Muslims to clean up their yard, and have haircut and bath before the festival.

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Ningxia Tour Guide

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