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Ningxia Travel Guide

Ningxia Nightlife

Hui people are good at singing and dancing. You can enjoy folk songs of strong northwest flavor called Huizu Hua'er. You can listen to melodious music played on a special instrument called a Kouxian in the local showplaces or recreation rooms. Additionally, you can attend wonderful performances every month on the 1st and 15th days of the lunar calendar at Haibao Pagoda.

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When the lights are lit each evening, you can wander along Xinhua Jie, Jiefang Jie, and South Gate Square or have a taste of snacks at the night market in Zhongshan Beijie.

In addition, dance halls, bowling alleys, swimming pools, gymnasiums as well as cafes, pubs, teashops, and various other entertainment centers can offer you an escape from the pressures of city life.

Yinchuan South Gate Square is a great place to watch performances. Yinchuan This square had held lots of large-scale art and cultural activities. Many tourists have chance to enjoy the characteristic Hui ethnic dance, and the distinctive ethnic performance of singing and operas as well here.

Bars and Relative Information
Lian Yuan Bar
A well decorated bar, and the best in New Town. The staff is very relaxed and friendly, and there are unobtrusive musical performances every night starting 8PM-9PM. The drinks here are a little more expensive than some other places.  

Baby Face
Popular club featuring dancers and a very impressive layout. Booths and box seats have a higher minimum purchase.
Come Back
Although traditional western coffee is hard to come by, this drink chain (which can be found almost everywhere in Yinchuan) sells their version of a coffee drink that can be served hot or cold. While it is still not western style coffee, it is quite good, somewhat similar to Starbucks' caramel macchiato.

Bob and Leo's BBQ
Bob and Leo have some of the best BBQ chicken in Yinchuan, if not China. They both speak English and are extremely friendly. It is an outdoor grill with great selections of mutton and fish as well as a selection of vegetables. Cheap beers and the occasional expat make it a must visit. Open late or until you stop buying beers... inexpensive.  
Ningxia Nightlife

Qianxi International Club
Address: No.74, Xinhua Dongjie, Jinfeng District
Hours: 11:00-02:00

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Ningxia Tour Guide

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