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Pingyao Feature Food

Pingyao Feature Food

As a part of Shanxi Province, Pingyao people love tyles of noodles, further more they have lots of feature foods use local ingredients. Such as Pingyao Braised Beef, Smoked Pork Knuckle Cao Family Style, Pingyao Wan Tuo Zi, Deep-Fried Sweet Cake, Steamed Oat Noodle with Gravy, Pingyao Orecchiette, He He Fan, etc.

Pingyao Braised Beef

This is a very traditional dish in Pingyao, popular in the area since Early Qing Dynasty. There are several famous brand in Pingyao ,each store has its own recipe to brise the beef. It is a nutritious and dilicious cool food, good for ancient merchants and security guards to enjoy on the way to the destinations.

Smoked Pork Knuckle Cao Family Style

It was a Imperial dish in Qing Dynasty. The feature of the dish was smoked materials --the secret recipe herb and woods will give the por knuckle unique flavor.

Pingyao Wan Tuo Zi

Pingyao Wan Tuo Zi is a healthy food made by buckwheat. The buckwheat starch will be steamed and cooled, then shred or dice it, and serve with mature vinegar, mustard, salt and chili oil.

Deep-Fried Sweet Cake

The key of the cake skin is to use dough made with boiling water and lard, the stuffing could be sweet jujube paste, red bean paste or walnuts. After deep-fry, the skin will be really thin and soft.

Steamed Oat Noodle with Gravy

Pingyao Orecchiette

The local style of orecchiette should be maked by wheat flour, buckwheat flour or oat flour; and the topping could be all types of gravy you could find in Pingyao, of cause, the mature vinegar will always be in the recipe.

He He Fan

He He Fan is a classic breakfast and dinner in Pingyao, it is a mixture of millet, noodle, types of tubers (potato, sweet potato, Chinses yam),soy bean, carrot, white radish, seasonal vegetable, spring onion, ginger, coriander and salt. Till now, this dish still meets the needs of modern diet -- varieties of ingredients can provide more nutrition, delicious and easy to absorb.

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