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Kam Grand Choirs

Kam Grand Choirs, also named as 
Grand Choeur des Kam or Grand Songs of the Dong Ethnic Minority Group, is a kind folk multiple patterns of mixed singing with loud, bass and multi parts, well known for its unique prosodic structure, singing skills and style. Kam Grand Choirs is extremely rare musical art form among folk music in China and foreign countries. The Kam Grand Choir is the cohesion of Dong culture and spiritual heritage.
Kam Grand Choir historically distributed throughout the dialect Kam area of southern Dong minority, mainly being popular in Liping county, Congjiang county and Rongjiang county of Guizhou province and Sanjiang county and Longsheng county of Guangxi which taking Kam dialect as the second local dialect.
The representative repertoires of Kam Grand Choirs are "Song of Cicada", "Beatiful Mountain", “Song of Squirrel” etc.
Due to the outstanding value of human creative genius masterpiece, Kam Grand Choirs was ranked in the first batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2005.
Nowadays, the Kam Grand Choirs is common performance during local big day and festivals. Tourists can admire the performance when travel in Sanjiang, Guiyang, Kaili and other Dong communities.
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Dong Opera
Dong Opera is a kind Chinese folk opera created by Dong minority people in the long-tern working life, keeping records of local life and culture. The opera is popular in Dong communities and villages of Longsheng, Sanjiang, Congjiang, Rongjiang and Tongdao( a county in Hunan province). According the contents, Dong Opera can divide into two kinds. One is narrating Dong legends; another is depicting stories of other traditional Chinese opera with Dong-style lyrical ballads or narrative of rap.
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