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Sanya Shopping

Sanya Shopping


The best things to take home from Sanya are definitely sea products. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, this is an ideal place to pick up some pretty shell or coral based decorations and jewelry. Bear in mind however, that this is essentially a tourist destination and prices may be higher than one would expect to pay elsewhere in China. Seawater pearls are particularly gorgeous here, and widely available in tourist shops and from traders across the island. Crystal also makes a pretty souvenir.

1. The mementos of a hotel or shop are more expensive than that of the stalls. However if you buy them with the peddlers, first of all you should know how to bargin.
2. Usually peddlers get together in Tianya Haijiao. They will try their best to persuade you to buy their goods. If you don´t want to buy anything, keep them as far away as possible or refuse them decidedly at the very beginning and then do not respond to them any more. But if you are fond of some, you´d better learn how to cut the price from 10% of the whole price first and never give the final price higher than a quarter of the total price.
3.When you buy the crystal or pearl, pay attention that they are not fake.
4.Generally, the handiwork of coconut is sold in stationary stalls. You can go to the city centre to select some.
5.Do not buy the coral or turtle. They are strictly prohibited to sell. Even if you buy them, you can not take the goods onto the plane.

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