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Xiamen Travel Guide

Xiamen Activities

Xiamen International Marathon
Xiamen International Marathon was firstly held in 2003 and opening at the first Saturday after New Year annually. As the most important match in southern China, Xiamen International Marathon has the equal position to Beijing International Marathon which is holding in autumn in northern China every year.
The match attracts more than twenty thousand athletes from over 30 countries taking apart in including top professional athletes in the world and more than ten thousand crows to cheer for the competition. In addition, other items are all the rage during the competition, such as Xiamen Citizens’ Marathon, Xiamen Colleges’ Marathon.
Time: the first Saturday in January every year
Place: Xiamen city

Phoenix Flower Tourism Festival
The tourism festival founded in the May of 2004, holding in May or June in each twice years to alternate with the Fujian (Minnan) Marine Cultural Tourism Festival in October. The festival is named from the Xiamen city tree—Phoenix tree. The festival is aiming to promote Xiamen culture and Xiamen tourism through various brilliant art performances, Minnan folk shows and a sort of matches. Among the celebration, dragon boat race would be one the most attractive item. In addition, a number of tour itineraries for sea scenery and southern China will be introduced to tourists.
Time: In May or June
Place: Xiamen 

Fujian (Minnan) Marine Cultural Tourism Festival
The festival is organized by Xiamen, Quanzhou and Zhangzhou, three cities in southern Fujian province, taking a theme of marine culture to create tour cooperation among these three cities and promote the unique tour projects in southern Fujiang including sunshine and beach, unique Fujian Tulou, hilly landscape, delicious Fujian cuisine, and splendid Hakka culture and ocean culture. The main activities are opening ceremony with art performance and fireworks, yachts show and exchange meeting of marine culture, tourism commodities exposition, Sea livelihood experience, Sea canoe race, Quanzhou silk-ocean culture exhibition, ocean ecology and birds watching activity and others.
Time: in first October in each twice year
Place: Xiamen, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou

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Xiamen Tour Guide

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