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Yichang Feature Food

Yichang Feature Food

Food in Yichang featured in nature taste of the materials, slight salt, spicy and with strong local flavor. The feature dishes include: Steamed Chicken in Broth, Yichang Fish Ball Soup, Deep-Fry White Radish Dumpling, Tujia Steam Pork, Dingding Rice Cake, etc.

Stewed Chicken in Broth

It is also named "Sanyou Fairy Chicken", before stew the chicken, it should be seasoned with secret recipe and rock susgar for at least 5 hours.

Yichang Fish Ball Soup

The fish balls are made by Longsnout catfish meat. To give the soup white color and tasty flavor, the chef will fry the fishhead and fishbone slowly, then add boiled water to let the color and flavor come out.

Deep-Fry White Radish Dumpling

The 90% rice milk and 10% soybean milk make the dumpling cover, and the shreded white radish, spring onion, coriander and Sichuan papper are the stuffing.

Tujia Steam Pork

Tujia Steam Pork is made by seasoning pork, fresh corn flour, potato, pumpkin and deep-fry chili. Put the mixture to the steamer, and we will have this local dish.

Dingding Rice Cake
It is a steam rice cake, the stuffing is black sugar and osmanthus sugar.

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