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Yichang Travel Guide

Yichang Feature Food

Located on the riverside of Yangtze River, Yichang feature foods are mostly making of freshwater fishes featured in nature taste of the materials, slight salt and spicy and with strong local flavor.

Steamed Fish in Yichang
Steamed Fish is a traditional dish in Yichang cuisine well-known by its high quality fat lining, tender, delicate but sweet and fresh meat. This dish gains high reputation from gourmets from home and aboard. If you happen to travel in Yichang, please do not miss this delicious cuisine.
Steamed Fish in Yichang.jpg

Steamed Chicken in Broth
Steamed Chicken in Broth, “San You Shen Xian Ji”(三游神仙鸡), is a well-known traditional cuisine in Yichang. It is said that the cuisine if the favorite food of many famous big shots when they visiting in Yichang including the well-known poets of Su Xun(苏洵), Su Shi(苏轼) and Su Zhe(苏辙)in Song dynasty(960—1279). The chicken is cooked in a marmite to keep the original flavor and render palatable by adding condiments of spices and rock candies.

Steamed Chicken in Broth.jpg
Xiakou-Scenery Pearl Soup 
Xiakou-Scenery Soup is created from the inspiration of beautiful scenery around Xiling Gorge. Made the mountain peaks of steamed egg whites, and colorful fish balls as pearls dotted among mountains, the image is so vivid and poetic, that this dish is ranked to the list of famous cuisine in E Cuisine.
Xiakou-Scenery Pearl Soup.jpg

Deep-Fried Radish Dumplings
 Have are ever image that the Jiaozi(dumpling) could be in deep fried? If not, you will take a new looking in Yichang city. Here, Deep-Fried Radish Dumplings is a unique dish in Yichang and real worth for taste for your Yichang tour. The dumplings are stuffed with sliced radishes. Fired in oil until the wrappers turn to deep yellow, and the dumplings will be well done.

Deep-Fried Radish Dumplings.jpg

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Yichang Tour Guide

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