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Yichang Shopping

Yichang Shopping

In Yichang, the most popular product to buy is Xiling Painted Pottery. Besides, you could choose Three Gorges Stone, Wufeng Tea, Yichang Citrus, Kiwi Fruit, Herbal Tea, etc.

Elegant Xiling Painted Pottery, amongst the most famous ceramics in China, is a popular purchase. Fans of Chinese ancient culture should be on the look out for the so-called "four studying treasures," i.e. the writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper. Another local specialty is the Three Gorges Stone, featuring natural patterns, which local people believe have important symbolism. Sanxia oranges, wine and tea are also worth taking home.

With the hilly landscape and warm subtropical monsoon climate, Yichang is abundant of nature specialties including a sort of fruits, such as citrus, kiwi fruit and persimmon; teas, Chinese herbs. In addition, snacks and wines in Yichang are also in high quality.
Recommended shopping places for you in Yichang are New Era Shopping Square in Jiefang Road, Guomao shopping mall in Xiling Road and Wuling tea market.

Citrus in Yichang

Yichang citrus, also named in Sanxia citrus, is a popular fruit in Yichang with history of more than two thousand years. Citrus are juicy and sweet with thin skin and soft flesh, rich in various vitamins and good effect of clearing heat and removing toxicity. In Yichang, citrus are the necessary fruit in most places to treat guests and friends. Yichang citrus are high quality production to export aboard including The United States, Canada, Australia, and Albania.
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Wufeng Tea

Wufeng tea is a kind of green tea produced in Wufeng Tujia Autonomous County where most residents are Tu minority in China. Due to the advantage of landscape with fertile land, abundant rainfall and moderate temperature, Wufeng tea is ranked to one of the top tea in China grew among the hills in Yichang.
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Shaoshu Crisp of the Yangtze Gorges
When it comes to local special product, shaoshu crisp of the Yangtze Gorges must be recommended. It’s a folk traditional food of Tujia minority, its main material is sweet potato and sticky rice and egg and it uses traditional Tujia crafting to make this special taste.
Shaoshu Crisp of the Yangtze Gorges.jpg

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