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Kucha Travel Guide

Kuche Feature Food

Kucha attracts tourists not only by its fascinating scenic spots but also its slobbery dishes and snacks. There are many Xijiang cuisines in Kucha, you can find authentic Uighur restaurants, roadside stands and food stalls in city town. The recommended places for you are Wuqia market and Dongdagou market.

Wuqia market is located in the south of Tianshan Road of new district in Kucha city. The main dishes here are in Uighur style. Entering in the Wuqia market, you will find a row of Uighur flavor stands in east boasting in various Uighur snacks and dishes of mutton barbecue, roasted Baozi, Uighur rice, Nan and Hand-Pulled Noodle,
Polo and the apricot.      

Different to Uighur cuisines in Wuqia market, dishes and snacks in Dongdagou market are most Han style of Chinese including hot and spicy food. Barbecues take main roles here in Dongdagou market. There are mutton kebabs, roasted fish, Chicken leg, roasted chicken intestine and liver, roasted eggs and roasted tofu. It is seems that chicken meat are very popular here in Dongdagou market. The barbecues are mostly in hot and spicy flavor. If you are not favorite of hot and spicy flavor, you can ask the chef add less seasons and add proper seasons as your taste.
For more specific Urghur cuisine, pls check at:http://www.discoverchinatours.com/travel-guide/hami/Feature-Food.htm, or http://www.discoverchinatours.com/travel-guide/kashgar/Feature-Food.htm

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Kucha Tour Guide

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