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Chengdu Feature Food

Clubben Chicken

    It is a traditional dish in Sichuan. The main material is a spring chicken10g shredded scallion. It is cooked follow four steps.
    Steps: 1. Clean the chicken; bind the wings and legs to the body.
    2. Puncture the thick meat parts with bamboo needles, boil till done, remove and cool.
    3. Cut out the breast and leg meat, club lightly till soft, shred and transfer to a plate.
    4. Put shredded white scallion around the chicken, pour on hot sauce.
    It tastes good and be easy to chew. You will love the dish with little spicy.
               chengdu_Clubben Chicken.jpg
Mapo Bean-curd
    Mapo Bean-curd is very popular Sichuang dish in China. It is firstly cooked in Ming dynasty by a man called Mapo Cheng. The white bean-curd cooked with red beef and green garlic sprouts is not only looks beautiful but also tasty wonderful. It is spicy, hot, tasty, and delicious. Everyone who comes to Sichuan will not leave without eating it!
                   chengdu_Mapo Bean-curd.jpg
Duck and Magic Taro
    This dish is made by duck and magic taro. The magic taro is a special kind of taro, which is poisonous. The clever Siachuan people use the lime to take the poison away, and then cook it with tea-leaves for two times. Now it can be cooked with duck, and many kinds of seasonings. When you fry the dish, it smells great. Of course, it taste great too.

Gongbao Diced Chicken

    It is one of the most famous traditional dishes in Sichuan province. It is named Gongbao because that it is first cooked by Gongbao in Qing dynasty. Its main materials are diced chicken meat, dry pepper and peanut. Firstly, the chicken meat should be cut carefully into 2cm long and 0.3cm wide, and mix with salt, soy sauce and starch. Then fry it with prickly ash, peanut and many kinds of seasonings. This dish is little spicy and little sweet. Wonderful enjoying!

Mandarin Duck Hotpot
    This hot-pot is very popular with a beautiful name,"mandarin duck". It has two flavors, for one is very hot, and another is mild. With two different colors, you will enjoy it very much. Not only many kinds of meat, you can also have many fresh vegetables. The special design can meet different customsĀ“ needs.
              chengdu_Mandarin Duck Hotpot.jpg
Yu Xiang Rou Si (Fish Flavored Shredded Pork):
    Fish-flavored dish in the unique style of Sichuan cuisine. Ingredients include shredded pork, agarics, bamboo shoot and carrot. The delicious dish has no fish but has the flavor of fish.
Fu Qi Fei Pian (Braised Cow Lungs):
Actually beef, heart and tongue take the place of lungs. This tasty dish is made with particular condiments using a delicate process.
Chuan Chuan Xiang:
    Also called Ma La Tang, vegetables, sausages, shrimps and anything edible can be threaded onto a bamboo stick and cooked in the hot pot.

Zhide Restaurant

    It was firstly located at the Changsun Street in Chengdu in 1926. At that time, the most popular food was the beef noodles. At 1932, Yao Shucheng took charge of this restaurant and renamed it "Zhide Hao". Now, it offers variety beef dishes, such as steamed beef which is the most famous one. Zhide Hao has been collected in Famous Chinese Dish Recipe and many other books. In the fourth national cooking competition, the chief cook Ni Shengzhong won the golden prize.

Xiaoliufeng restaurant
    With one hundred years history, the Xiaoliufeng restaurant is special traditional restaurant in Sichuan. Opened by Zhou Shaoqin at 1921, it has been passed by four generations. Now, the owner Zhou Yijin leads the restaurant to a new level. The dishes in it are unique and carefully cooked. Wonderful service will give you a enjoying dinner.

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