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Chengdu Travel Guide

Chengdu Nightlife

Sichuan Opera
The must doing thing for tourists in Chengdu in the evening would watch the Sichuan Opera. It is known as the top opera in China with the incredible face changing and fire-breathing stunt which attract most visitors.
Recommend place: Sichuan Opera Theater
The famous changing faces
Address: 20 Zhuangyuan Street
Chengdu_Sichuan opera.jpg Chengdu_Sichuan opera2.jpg

Night market: Jinli Street
In an area of more than 30000 square meters, building area of more than 14000 square meters, Jinli street is famous ancient Chinese style street integrating tourism shopping and leisure entertainment in Chengdu, its row of shops of shops, restaurants, teahouses, and bars in 550 meters street.

Tea house
Tea house plays an important role in Chengdu life and cultural, most locals would like take a cup of tea for relax. The most common tea there would be jasmine, Maofeng, or Zhuyeqing. Each tea house has a distinct character, location, and entertainment. Here are some popular tea house for your reference:
(1) Dabei Temple Tea House chengdu_teahouse.png
Enjoys a good reputation for its long history and ancient Dabei Temple
Location: Dabei Temple, inside the Chengdu Museum
(2) Shunxing Old Tea House
Address: 258 Shawan Road
(3) Yuelai Tea House
A typical Sichuan tea house with free Sichuan opera performances from 14:00 to 16:00 every Tuesday and Saturday
Location: Huaxingzheng Street               
(4) Heming Tea House
The environment is quiet and picturesque
Location: located inside Renmin Park
(5) Wenshu Monastery Tea House
Famous for its traditional tea services and inexpensive prices
Location: Wenshu Monastery, Middle Renmin Road
As a modern city, café has been opens around city and become a popular choice of local people. Popular café recommended as follow:
(1) Allen Story Café
Café offers a kind of telephone service along guests that one can make friends with others.
Location: 107, Shuangyuan Street, Shuangnan Residential District
(2) The Coffee Beanery
Location: Floor 2, Gaobang Department Store, Chunxi Road, Chengdu
(3) Renhe Spring Cafe
Location: Floor 5, Renhe Spring Department Store, No. 59, Renmin East Road, Chengdu

 Pubs and Clubs or others
Tourists could find most of them in find in bustling central streets, such as Renmin South Road, west of Yangshi Street and Lihua Street etc.

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Chengdu Tour Guide

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