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Nightlife of Chongqing

Chongqing Nightlife

Nightlife of Chongqing

Although being a direct-controlled municipality, Chongqing still maintain its origin culture, such as Sichuan opera, tea house around the city. Theater and tee house are important part in Chongqing.
As a modern city, bars are well set up in Chongqing; most of them offer both drinks and dinner. The most buzzing spot of nightlife in Chongqing is in Jiafangbei Road, flushing with dance clubs. While, both bars and teahouses could be fond in Lijiangmen area. Dozens of elegant bars are scattered around the Datang Plaza area.

Except do some shopping and enjoy tea and Sichuan Opera, to have a Chongqing Mountain City Nightview tour is a good choice. There are 3 places famous for its good location for nightview in Chongqing.
(1) South Mountain One Tree Viewing Platform.
Advantage: best spot to take a overlook of Chongqing in the evening, good for taking photoes.
Disadvantage: should get there before 4:00 pm, otherwise you will meet taffic jam there. And it is really popular so there are lots of visitors visit here every day.

(2) Nanbin Road and Dan Zi Shi. (On the east bank of the two rivers converge)
Advantage: facing to the Yangtze River and Jialing River converge, and not so popular to other places visitors.
Disadvantage: do not have height position, could not have overlook view.

(3) Take two rivers cruise.
Advantage: enjoy the night view easily.
Disadvantage: do not have height position, and lots of other visitors.

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