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Chongqing Shopping Guide

Chongqing Shopping

Chongqing Traditional Snacks:
There are lots of famouse snacks in Chongqing, here are four types of most popular:
(1)Sliced Sweet Sticky Rice with Chinese Walnut, Hechuan Style;
(2)Crunchy Rice Candy, Jiangjin Style;
(3)Fried Dough Twist, Ciqikou Style;
(4)Chongqing Hot Pot Soup Base.

Except snacks, you could buy some tradtional handicrafts:
1. Brocade of Tujia - Xilankapu

It is the most primitive clan and the manual process of Tujia Minority Nationality.

2. Qijiang Farmers Wood Block Prints

It is a Qijiang local prints with more than 400 years history, the theme of wood block show you the Qijiang's farming scenes and festival scenes. Beauifully colored is the feature.

3. Rongchang Folding Fan 荣昌折扇

4. Rongchang Pottery 荣昌陶器

Rongchang Pottery is one of the four most popular potteries in ancient China, the feature is  "thin as paper and bright as mirror".

5. Banan Green Tea 巴南茶

Chongqing Tour Packages

Chongqing Tour Guide

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