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March Fair (The Third Month Fair)
The fair held west of the old town of Dali falls on the 15th day of the third lunar month and it lasts for seven to ten days. It is a grand festival of the Bais, a fair and an occasion for sporting contests and theatrical performances. People gather there to enjoy dances, horse racing and other games.
Torch Festival
"Torch Festival" falls on June 25th. On that day, torches are lit everywhere to pray for a bumper harvest and bless the people with good health and fortune. Streamers with auspicious words are hung in doorways and at village entrances alongside the flaming torches. During this festival, there are many activities, such as lighting up torches and lining up for a parade, lusheng (a local reed-pipe wind instrument) and yueqin ( a local stringed instrument) performances, singing, and dancing, as well as such games as wrestling, bullfight, archery, and horse racing. 
Jianchuan Shibao Moutain Singing Festival Lunar Calendar July 27 to August 1
Jianchuan Shibao Moutain Singing Festival is a grand traditional festival of Bai nationality. It is famous for the amount of thousands of participants and the spectacular occasion of singing in antiphonal style. The bai attune of Jianchuan was gathered into international famous folk song.

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Dali Tour Guide

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