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Dali Feature Food

Dali Feature Food

Dali is a Bai minority nationality region, and the Bai cuisine is an important aspect of culture. There are many famous Bai dishes in Dali such as Diaomei, Erhai Lake Seaweed Dishes, Midu Trotters, Milk Cheese Fan, Parou Ersi,etc. 

Diaomei (Preserved Plum Cake)

Use carving knife to carve the pickled plum into zigzag shape, then take off the kernel,then put into clay pot and preserve with salt, brown sugar and honey for several months.

Erhai Lake Seaweed Dishes

Erhai Lake seaweed is a local vegetable, the local Bai people make it to different dishes, such as fry Erhai seaweeds with garlic and chili, Erhai seaweeds soup with taro.

Midu Trotters (Pickled Trotters, Midu Style)

Take off the bone of trotters and pickled with fermented sticky rice, sliced white radish,fry rice flour, salt and local liquor. Use cotton rope or straw to tie up. After two days, cook it. Then take off the rope/straw, use more sliced white radish and try rice flour to fill in the trotters, put into the clay pot, seal for 20 days,Very delicious Midu Trotters could be served.

Rushan (Milk Cheese Fan)

It is a type cheese with the shape of fan. There are many ways to cook it, such as eat directly, deep-fry it, bake it.

Parou Ersi (Rice Noodle with Pot-Stewed Pernil/Pork Belly and sauce)

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