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    Most of the best and charming restaurants in the Xiaguan/Dali area are in the ancient city (Dali Gucheng), where the town is mostly inhabited by ethnic Bai people. The local Bai people still boast some distinguishing characteristics, their Bai cuisine being an important aspect of the culture. Some famous Bai dishes are earthenware pot fish, the "three cups of tea" and milk fan, a kind of dairy product like cheese. These authentic Bai dishes can be found in Dali Gucheng at the Bailixiang and Jingjing Snack House. The Apricot Flower Restaurant also has Bai food and other Chinese regional food.
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    But what has really made Dali famous among foreign travelers is the small backpacker cafes, guesthouses and restaurants on Huguo Lu. Also known as "foreigner′s street", this street boasts some great restaurants serving a full range of Western, Yunnan, Bai and Chinese dishes. Each of these restaurants have their own distinct features and menu. Some of the most frequented cafes are the Tibetan Cafe, Cafe De Jack, the Old Wooden House and the Sunshine Cafe. Yunnan Cafe, Dali Window and Claire′s Cafe are also very popular.

    Food is not the only reason people come to the cafes in Dali, the cafes also offer a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, cool music and cold beer. Many places also have comprehensive travel information, ticket booking service and bicycle rental.

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Following are some famous dishes recommanded:
Dali Bittern Duck
This is a top choice among tourists. Fresh duck is served after some ten steps. The dish is golden with soft flavor. It is wholesome to people.
Dali Rice Cake
During the Spring Festival, people in Dali often eat rice cakes which are a traditional delicacy. It’s sliced, mixed with ham slices, pickled vegetables, and hot peppers, and then it’s fried with pig fat and seasoned with sugar and sauce. At last, soft and tasty rice cakes are made.
Roasted Bean Curd
Roasted bean curd is a tasty local snack. It’s made from high quality soybeans. Though it smells not good, it is very delicious when you taste it. Roasted on a steel net by a charcoal fire, and seasoned with spiced salt water, hot pepper powder, and Chinese ash oil, the snack is crisp and fresh.
Dali Tea
San Dao Cha, a type of tea popular for Bai minority, it is the beverage of Bai people for entertaining guests in weddings and at the same time it is a style of amenity. San Dao Cha is divided into three cups. The fist cup of tea is bitter. The second cup of tea is sweet, fragrant and nourishing. The third tea is the aftertaste of the former tea. This tea is made of honey, Sichuan peppercorn, ginger pieces and Chinese cinnamon.

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