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Hangzhou Travel Guide

Hangzhou Activities

Hangzhou West Lake Music Festival
Hangzhou West Lake music festival is begun in 2008 with twice every year. Time would be in May, October or November. Audience can check the time schedule in its web site. The festival originally opened on the side of West Lake and be moved to Tai Zi Wan park since 2009.  
Many famous Chinese singers and bands have been attended to the music festival, such as Chang Csun Yuk, Tanya Chua, Deserts Chang, Mavis Fan, Zheng Jun and Tong Yang.

Hangzhou West Lake Expo
The Hangzhou West lack Expo is increasingly rich of contents since first   Expo held in 1929. Nowadays, the Expo contents are including West Lake art fair, stamp collecting culture exhibition, International Fireworks Congress, silk Festival, fashion week of Commercial Street, living environment exhibition, International Computer Festival, the West Lake book fair, International Auto fair, food festival, photography works exhibition and other cultural forums. 
Time: annual middle October to begin November

Hangzhou International Fireworks Festival
The Fireworks Festival held every year in Hangzhou prefecture. The place would be West Lake, Jianghang Grand Canal or Qian Tang River in different year. Hundreds and thousand kinds fireworks will be fired during the festival. The scene is grand and twinkling the sky. Many lovers make tour schedule to visit Hangzhou in Oct to attend the festival in China. Tips: please keep caution of safety during the festival.  
Time: annual middle October

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Hangzhou Tour Guide

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